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Terms and Conditions for Tours with Ireland On My Mind:

Baggage: Due to the shortage of space in our vehicle, all participants are requested to bring on one carry-on-sized suitcase (although you can check it) and one other bag to hold your camera and purse.

Health: Although we do not regularly take lengthy hikes on these tours, the terrain in Ireland can be rough and uneven. There is some walking involved on any tour. Participants should be able to walk five or six blocks a day and be able to climb steps without any difficulty. If you have any questions regarding your ability to participate in this tour, please consult your physician.

Smoking: Because of the small size of this trip and its intimate nature, smokers cannot be accommodated.

Passports: An up-to-date U.S. passport is required in order to enter Ireland. Please make sure that your passport is not due to expire within 60 days of your entry into the country.

Cost: The cost of the tour may increase due to unforeseen circumstances. The price of booked tours will not increase.

Change in Tour Itineraries: Unexpected events occur every so often which may cause us to change the itinerary advertised. IOMM will do its best to substitute an activity or service, which is equal to or better than the one listed. If due to weather or any other act of God, we cannot fulfill the listed itinerary, Ireland On My Mind will not be held responsible.

Insurance: Due to the cancellation policies, we strongly urge all clients to purchase travel insurance. We also recommend purchasing health insurance.

Tour Cancellation: If we don’t fill out the tour, we retain the right to cancel. In this case, all funds will be returned to the client in full. Ireland On My Mind will not be held responsible for expenses as a result of the cancellation, such as non-refundable airline tickets or any travel expenses. If a tour is canceled due to events beyond our control, we will refund all funds at the time of cancellation.

Waiver of Responsibility: Ireland On My Mind is making all ground transportation arrangements pertaining to the tour, hotel reservations, and any food service or activity reservations needed. Ireland On My Mind or any of its agents will not be held liable for injury, death, delay, theft, damage, or other incidents, however caused. Tour organizers and agents will take no responsibility for:

  • Additional expenses from changes in the exchange rate or tariffs
  • Financial losses to a client due to cancellations or late arrival
  • Any expenses due to sudden sickness, strikes by hotels, airlines, or any other acts of God such as weather conditions
  • Injury, loss, or damage of property, including cameras, luggage, and personal property

Personal Responsibility: I am entirely responsible for my own personal safety, health, and general well-being during the tour. I release Ireland On My Mind and its representatives, agents, and affiliate from any liability for any injuries or damages that might occur. I understand that I must provide health and travel insurance for myself as it will not be provided by Ireland On My Mind.

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